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Free Book Dude Giveaway!

Proud to be among the authors whose books are giveaway offers to entrants in the Free Book Dude April Showers of Books Giveaway! Enter in April, 2014 and you can win a print or digital version of some great books from Michael Richan’s The Bank of the River to Jane Yates’ Paradox Child and, of [...]

It’s Black History Month!

It’s Black History Month! Here are some favorite quotes from great black leaders over the past generation or two. Thirty Quotes My favorite: Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. – Martin Luther King, Jr. It sounds like a statement Sidonia made to [...]

Whose Story No One Knows

If you have heard me speak lately about Sidonia’s Thread, you know that these days I make reference to Thomas Hardy’s poem, “The To-Be-Forgotten.” No piece of literature has captured my unconscious reason for writing Sidonia’s Thread more than this ode, written at the turn of the twentieth century. The part that remains in my [...]

The “Mem” in Memoir

“Often my mother and I would stroll down Dwight Street and stop at Klibanoff’s Delicatessen…Just a few doors down we entered Ruby’s Market…When we were finished, we walked a few more blocks to Magaziner’s Bakery and ordered a couple of cupcakes and a half loaf of seedless rye bread…Crossing the street we landed at Shankman’s [...]

Next Free Promotion Coming Up!

The next Kindle free promotion is coming up on Monday, August 12 to Friday, August 16. It’s the longest free promotion period for Sidonia’s Thread so far! This is a chance to read the story on your Kindle and if you like it, recommend it to your friends and family! I hope to hear from [...]

Cinderella’s Destiny

Once, a long time ago, she was a beautiful girl. Her wavy, golden blonde hair hung to just below her shoulders framing a shy, innocent-looking face. Blazing blue eyes and red lips added to her demure yet luminous visage. She wore a short-sleeved light pink dress with blue piping hemmed at her knees with white [...]

The Sidonia Skirt

Henry Ford once said, “You can have any color as long as it’s black.” Well, Sidonia’s skirts weren’t quite as monochrome as that, but certainly black was a real favorite, especially in her later designs. Black matches with everything. Through the years, Sidonia’s skirts were made, indeed, of many colors, prints, designs, and fabrics. But [...]

Why I Hated My Mother…Or Did I?

During this Mother’s Day week, I have been thinking about my relationship with my own mother, who passed away only seven years ago. In my book, Sidonia’s Thread, I claim that when I was a child “my resentment of her progressed into a hatred that tortured and haunted me. It permeated every bit of my [...]

Boston Used To Be A World Away

As a child growing up in Springfield, Massachusetts, I had a very parochial view of America. Growing up with a single, immigrant mother, I thought America was six blocks of Dwight Street in the north end of the city, from Calhoun to Ringgold Street, where everything we needed was within walking distance in that six [...]

Free Kindle ebook!

Sidonia’s Thread will be available in ebook format for free for a limited period of time, April 14-16, 2013 from Amazon. If my story inspires you, I would be honored if you would tell your friends and family. Just go to If you would like to reach me by email, send me a message at [...]